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Tabby Cat Club September Newsletter

Hello September – Farewell August!


Hello TCC Members and Friends…………….another month is gone and we’re one step closer to Fall and some of that cooler weather many of us are more than ready for.   September is a little too early to see pretty leaves but it won’t be long that’s for sure – Autumn begins September 23rd !

We have a special feature for you this month – the Founder of the Tabby Cat Club, Gracie, has done an article telling us how and why she started the Tabby Cat Club – many of you probably have been with the Club a whole lot longer than I have, but still it’s always fun to hear why and how something started and she’s here to tell us that.

Take It Away Gracie…………!


November 2011 ~ December 2011

November 2011 ~ One day I was surfing around on Mom’s computer when I saw that there were clubs for special breeds of kitties!   So, I thought I might want to join up with a “tabby gang”.   I kept searching and found that there was NO tabby cat club.  “Hummmm” , I said to myself.  So I did a little research by asking various friends – thinking I would get pointed in the right direction.  The emails that came back from those I had written said that they weren’t aware of ANY club for the tabby cats either!  I just didn’t think this was right and thought we needed our very own special place where tabbies could come together to post, play, and have fun. That was when I decided to start the club.

On 15 November 2011 the first post was made by me, Gracie, inviting all tabby cats that wanted to join the club to sign up and special membership badges for all members were offered. The first post by a member was from my friend Cody saying “Proud to join you!” – his post was on 19 November 2011.  By the end of November our membership roster consisted of me, Rusty, Percy, Nicki, Derry, Missy Blue Eyes, Socks, Lucy, Clementine, Grace, Mahoney, Maggie, Tabatha, Tees, Cody, Moosey, Simba, Audrey, Abby Normal, Mousie, Archie, Opus, Sassy, Wendell, & Wally. Our number of total posts for November and December 2011 was 49.

For the last eight years we have hosted events, parties, celebrated birthdays, and remembered those of our club members that left for the bridge.  Our membership has reached 139. Many of our members have been inactive for a while and we hope that we will see more of you coming back to the club so we can keep our club GROWING.

I really am looking forward to many more fun times at the Tabby Cat Club!

♥ Gracie

Thanks so much Gracie……….we keep hoping that the Club will gain back some of our Club Members who have drifted away for one reason or another.   The newsletter was started to try and re-ignite the enthusiasm that the Club has always had.    Paws crossed that it works.

Our Regular Feature September Events………

Wordless Wednesday – Wednesday, September 4 (1st Wednesday)

Caption This – Wednesday, September 18 (3rd Wednesday)

We also welcome anyone who would like to sponsor an event during any month – just let us know when and we’ll get the word out to all the Club members.

Would you like to be our FEATURED CLUB MEMBER?    Great – just let Gracie know that you would like to do that – tell us about yourself, your blog, whatever.   Gracie will contact you if you have questions AND she will do a special BANNER at the Tabby Cat Club for the month you’re featured!!    We welcome your input.


TCC member “Ali” crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 30, 2019.   She was a senior lady at 18 years of age and had a happy life with her Mom Angela.   She will be missed.

Inquiring Minds Want To Know……….

Do you have any suggestions for additional content in your Newsletter?   We’d really like to make the newsletter something everyone will look forward to at the first of every month so if you have any ideas, we’re OPEN to suggestions.   You can make suggestions in a comment or email us.

 Just drop us a line!!

Coming Next Month………….

Gracie will continue with her story by telling us her own personal biography.   It’s always fun to share how we got our homes!

Of course the TCC will have an event for Halloween and we’ll let you know what we’re planning in next month’s newsletter.    Whatever it is, it will be fun and we hope you’ll pawticipate – it’s all about pawticipation you know – the Club exists for ALL OF US so ALL OF US need to take part and have fun here.


I’ll “see” you in October for more news………….

Your Newsletter Guy, Teddy

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Tabby Cat Club Newsletter for August

August, 2019


Greetings Tabbies!    It’s already August – we’re steaming through the Summer and before you know it those of us who are outdoor kitties will be dodging school buses again.   Just another reason why being an inside kitty is so much more safe.   Right?

We had just a few Club members sign up for the Newsletter but will be keeping it going as we hope to gain back some of our friends who no longer visit AND recruit some NEW ones too.    Which leads me to my first newsletter item.

If you know Tabbies who haven’t been posting at the Club in a while, give them an email buzz and tell them we’re pumping up the volume at the Club with more activities and fun and they should “reactivate” themselves and come back to participate.   Also, if you know a Tabby who isn’t a member of the Club – tell them they SHOULD be.    They can just go to the TCC and click on the “HOW
TO JOIN” tab and get busy becoming a regular member.

One of the new features we are starting is a “Featured Tabby of the Month”……………..a chance for you to crow about yourself and your family – tell everyone more about you, your blog, your home and humans – and of course photos!   Interested?   Good!     Just send an email to us at

Our Club Founder Gracie will do a “FEATURE” for the September Newsletter – we all know and love her but it’s always fun to find out things we might NOT have known about a friend – right?    Everyone who participates as a “FEATURE” Tabby  will get a special badge to put on their sidebar letting the world know you were a STAR at the Club.    Our Club Founder Gracie is going to be designing a special badge for you.

Next news item is that starting this month we will have TWO regular monthly posts for you to participate in.

Wordless Wednesday – every FIRST Wednesday of the month

Caption This Wednesday – every THIRD Wednesday of the month

Wordless Wednesday obviously is posting just a photo – whatever you’d like to post – you, your family, what you see out the window, your garden, your favorite toy – no words required – just a photo.    Just post your photo at the Club and we’ll visit to see you!

Caption This Wednesday obviously is going to be a photo of your choosing that you think might be fun for the rest of us to provide a caption for.   You know we are a wacky bunch of cats sometimes so we can come up with some doozies for your photo.     Some of us do this on our blogs already and it’s always a blast.   Just post your contribution to the TCC as you always do and we’ll add our captions to give each other a giggle.    We try to keep the calendar updated at the TCC so the events should be listed there by month.

We also want to remind you dear Tabbies that the Club is MORE THAN HAPPY to have you host an event!   Have an idea for something FUN we all can participate in?    Just send an email to our fearless leader Gracie and let her know what your idea is and when you want to host the event.  She has even designed a special HOST BADGE for all of you who decide to host an event!    Here’s what it will look like with YOUR name (or names) on it…… right?

Speaking of “COOL” – are you keeping cool?    These cats are – I hope you are doing the same…………….it’s been a HOTTIE SUMMER so far………..but we Tabbies know how to relax in the heat…………..even non-Tabbies do!

Write and let us know if you have any other ideas for our Newsletter or the Club…………….it’s OUR CLUB and OUR NEWSLETTER so let’s make it work for us all!

On behalf of the Tabby Cat Club, 

Teddy, Newsletter Editor



Tabby Cats



July, 2019

Wow……What?   Yes – you’re not seeing things, this is the very FIRST edition of the brand new Tabby Cat Club Newsletter.    We’ll be sending one out every month from now on.   We thought you might get use out of a regular notice of what’s going to be going on at the Club and also have a chance to maybe write a guest column, or submit a favorite photo of your Tabby (or Tabbies!) with a little blurb about your blog.     Many of us have been members FOREVER and some are new – but we need to get reacquainted and this seems to be a GREAT venue for that!

To start with, a big Thanks to the original creators of the Tabby Cat Club, Gracie and Angel Tamir.    Without them, there would be no special Club for special Tabbies.

We are big supporters of the Cat Blogosphere and they publish special dates for cats as well as events but whenever our TCC is having an event, we will be letting you know ahead of time with details.

This first email notice about the Newsletter is going out to our current mailing list.    Over time things may have changed for you – you might have THOUGHT the Tabby Cat Club would be a fun place to visit and participate in but things changed for you.    You don’t have the time, are involved in so many other blog activities, etc.    Just let us know and we can remove your name.   We’d hate to see you go but understand!    Until we get an ACCURATE mailing list we might be loading your mailbox up with unwanted emails.    SO, please email us at and let us know if you DO NOT want to continue your membership in the Club.   Otherwise just sign up to get this newsletter (see the sidebar!) and we’ll keep you in the loop.   Note the email address is not a link – you will just need to use that address to get to us (for now!).    ALSO – if you get a message when entering your email that your email is INVALID (!!) – please try using a different browser and come back and try again.   This happens a lot in the blogosphere so TRY TRY again.  

If you found this blog while looking for blogs relating to cats – consider becoming a member of the Tabby Cat Club – obviously you have to be a Tabby Cat to be a member of the Tabby Cat Club (!) and there’s a tab at the Tabby Cat Club site where you can take care of becoming a member.   Remember, the Club is for Tabby Cats only – if you CLICK HERE you will find the definition of a Tabby.   Also, if you prefer just following the newsletter and not joining us that’s fine too!    Just CLICK the badge below and it will take you to the Club where you can SIGN UP.


Last but not least, for now, I, Teddy Kimmell, Member of the Tabby Cat Club, and “brother” of Angel Sammy, will be your Editor for this Newsletter.    My Mom and I will do our best to make the newsletter fun and full of things YOU will be interested in!    We hope you will enjoy the Newsletter – and if you have any ideas, just let me know………………


“All for one and one for all” – right Tabbies????   Right!!!!


Tabbies Forever!